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Eminem References Steven Avery and Ivanka Trump in Framed Song

As the half brother of Brendan Dassey and his uncle, Steven Avery, I think this is so awesome that Eminem would reference Steven Avery and his trailer in one of his songs off his new, "Revival" album. Revival was just released on January 15th, 2017. You can listen to a preview of the Steven Avery & Ivanka Trump references in the track preview here: (Courtesy of Apple Music)

Steven Avery continues to maintain his innocence along with Brendan Dassey. They are hopeful they will get out of prison in due time.

I reached out to Steven Avery's current girlfriend via Twitter to scope out what Steven Avery has to say about the referenced lyrics from Eminem. Personally, if a rap legend used my name in a song, I'd be extremely stoked, regardless.

Brendan Dassey is still hanging onto hope that Kathleen Zellner will set him and Steven Avery free due to newly discovered evidence.

Stay tuned for complete updates on Steven Avery's reaction to Eminem's reference in his song, Framed off of his Revival album...

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