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Below is a vast array of styles ranging from piano instrumental, rap music and meditation / relaxation instrumental songs Brad Dassey has composed, recorded, mixed and mastered.  As always, there's a section of 10 FREE RAP BEATS you can download and use as well (subject to Terms of Use).  All beats / music are subject to Copyright.  Any questions?  Click the contact page on top and get in touch with Brad. Please read Terms of Use below before using any of Brad Dassey's content.

All Tracks Are Subject To Copyright

Terms of Use

NOTICE: These beats are subject to Copyright and are 100% owned by the music creator / producer: “Brad Dassey.”

Upon downloading and using Brad Dassey’s beats / music, you agree to the following terms:

1. Upon using one, more, or all of Brad Dassey’s beats, you must give proper credit to the music producer, one, “Brad Dassey” as the music composer, music creator, music producer.  By doing so you must either credit the name, “Brad Dassey” somewhere either in the file name of your project, as example: “Beat by Brad Dassey” and or in the description portion of the project such as YouTube, Sound Cloud, Reverb Nation etc., such as example: “This music / beat was produced by Brad Dassey.”  Failure to credit the name, “Brad Dassey” as the music producer is a violation of the terms of use and the beat / sound recording may not be used in part and or in whole until done so.

It is at your discretion if you’d like to credit the music producer’s website, in your description.

2. You may NOT use Brad Dassey’s beats / music for ANY point of sale, including projects you have mixed your vocals to.  The beats / music are for promotional use only to demonstrate your lyrics / skills as demos to possible record labels and or practice / fun.

3. You may NOT distribute Brad Dassey’s beats / music online unless you record / mix your vocals to the tracks.  Uploading instrumentals only is strictly prohibited.

4. You may NOT alter Brad Dassey’s beats / music in any way, shape or form unless you want to add effects such as: reverb / echo.  The Watermarks / Copyright Tags MUST remain in the track or you fail to comply with the terms of use and may not use the beat / music whatsoever.

5. You may NOT use Brad Dassey’s beats / music for commercial use such as use in any TV or Radio Commercials and or Telephone Promotional messages such as, “On Hold Messaging.”

6. You may NOT claim ownership of Brad Dassey’s beats / music even if you add any elements such as extra instruments, sound effects, extra recordings, etc.  The tracks are fully produced, mixed / mastered as is and should remain un-altered in any way, shape or form.

7. You may NOT duplicate / reproduce Brad Dassey’s instrumental beats / music on CD for sale or distribution.  You may use tracks on CD only AFTER recording / mixing vocals to the tracks.  Distribution of Brad Dassey’s instrumental Copyrighted works is strictly prohibited.

8. You MAY use Brad Dassey’s beats / music to promote your mix tape, rap skills, demos, etc. upon applying recorded vocals first.

9. You MAY use Brad Dassey’s beats / music in audio / video projects such as: YouTube to promote your skills and or video projects.  Make sure you credit “Brad Dassey” as the music creator.

10. You MAY upload Brad Dassey’s beats / music to social media sites such as: YouTube, Sound Cloud, Band Camp, Spotify, etc. only after vocals have been applied to the tracks first.  Uploading instrumentals only is a violation of terms of use and proper authorities will be notified and tracks will be completely removed.

These terms of use should be taken seriously and respected.  Enjoy the years and years of hard work Brad Dassey put into composing, recording, mixing and mastering and may your rap skills, lyrics take you far. 

Please feel free to share with Brad Dassey any projects you have created with his original beats / music.  Get in touch with Brad Dassey on his website, on the contact page.

Good luck and NEVER give up.

“Brad Dassey © 2017 – All Rights Reserved.”

Brad Dassey's Music is Subject To Copyright & Terms of Use

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