15 Winners Each Week!

            Contest INSTRUCTIONS

To successfully enter for the 30 FREE BEATS contest, you must have shared the contest post on Facebook (as PUBLIC) and also registered your name (as it appears on Facebook) Make sure to include your e-mail address so we know how to inform you if you won.  Once you share the post as PUBLIC on Facebook, we'll successfully get the notification that you shared it and if that name in the notifications matches the information you enter on this site once you click to enter below, you've successfully registered.  You can find the contest posts on Free Instrumental Rap Beats or on Brad's Facebook Page listed below.


Thank you for entering.


-Brad Dassey


ENTER contest Here:

Fill out the form with all the correct information so we can contact you at the end of each week to successfully notify you if you won the 30 FREE BEATS package.  Double check your information is correct before hitting SEND because we will send you a confirmation text after sending an email notification if you won (just to make sure you got the email).  Good luck!

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Follow Brad Dassey

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